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Sunday, January 27

11:30 am - Making your Brand Irresistible – Restaurant Marketing that Works
Presented by: David Childs, Brand Strategist - Living Blueprint
There isn't much difference between irresistible food and an irresistible brand. In essence they are created the same way; first you need an idea - something compelling that gets you excited just thinking about it, then you need all the ingredients and tools to create your vision. In this workshop we are going to explore key elements in creating a unique brand that stands out in a city full of competition. Don't compete on price or location - build an army of people who share your passion.

12:30pm - Interac Flash: An overview of how your customers can "Pay in a Flash"
Speaker: Kevin Rieschi, Client Director - Interac Association
Presented by: Victoria Zank, Chase Paymentech

You've heard of it - but how does it work in your business? Interac Flash is a contactless enhancement of Interac Debit that helps your customers pay faster. Paying faster helps you serve your customers. This seminar will introduce you to Chase Paymentech’s suite of products that accept Interac flash which can increase a business’s bottom line, come and learn how.

1:30 pm - CRFA Conserve – Success through sustainability
Join representatives from the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association for an informative session on the CRFA Conserve initiative, a sustainability education program designed specifically to help restaurants improve both their sustainability and their bottom line.

2:30 pm - Foodservice Outlook
Presented by: Jill Holroyd & Mark von Schellwitz, CRFA
Prepare for the road ahead with the latest foodservice sales forecast for British Columbia. Learn how the economy, consumer trends and legislative issues will affect your business in the coming year.

3:30 pm - Labour Shortages and Recruitment – Solutions for your Restaurant
Presented by: CRFA, go2hr & HCareers
BC’s Foodservice sector is a $10 billion industry. As we continue to grow, labour shortages and filling key positions continues to be an operational challenge for many restaurateurs. Join experts from go2hr and HCareers as they provide insight on the current labour supply outlook and provide targeted, relevant advice for recruiting new quality employees.

5:30 to 8:30 pm - Industry Reception benefiting the BC Hospitality Foundation
Relax after the show with industry colleagues and friends. Head right downstairs to Mahony & Sons, where for just $25 you can take in the view while you enjoy a gourmet burger and a beer. This is a great place to catch up in a casual environment. The BC Hospitality foundation supports individuals from the foodservices and hospitality industries who are in financial crisis because of health or medical conditions. Additionally the BCHF provides scholarships to those entering the Industry.
Tickets $25 each, include your first beer and gourmet burger.



Monday, January 28

8:30 am - TRENDS BREAKFAST: Food for thought
This annual Industry update and forecast offers attendees a buffet of flavours and menu changing ideas for businesses of all sizes. Our third annual breakfast focuses on “Food for thought” - building confidence in our industry. The session opens with NPD Group’s Executive Director Robert Carter presenting their trends for food and dining in 2013. His in-depth analysis of the year to come will lead you to make smart financial and strategy decisions for the coming year.
Farm to Fork Food Safety - In light of recent food recalls, we present a panel discussion on what producers, the regulators and distributors are doing to ensure that food arrives safely at your premises. Learn what you can tell your staff and your customers about the safety of the food you prepare and serve every day.
This networking and business strategy breakfast.
Tickets $69 - CRFA Members $49 *includes trade show admission

10:30 am - Three steps to making your restaurant stand out
Presented by: David Childs, Brand Strategist - Living Blueprint
Some company's brands are centred on staff and location - think of Cactus Club, while others show their people proudly - think of White Spot. How do you know what is the best strategy for you? A personality is composed of multiple items and view points that help paint a picture of who you are and what you stand for. A brand is no different. In this session we will explore the relationship between you, your brand, and your service and help you gain clarity on how best to position your company.

11:30 amInformed Dining – How does it work?
Speakers: Liz da Mata - The Reef Restaurant, Dave Burns – A & W, Kelly Gordon, The Boathouse
Savvy customers are looking for nutrition information - but how do you deliver without intimidating everyone else? Developed by the Province in collaboration with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, BCRFA and CRFA, the Informed Dining program offers real and manageable ways to provide Nutrition Information. Participating restaurateurs representing a cross section of the industry will share their experience participating in the program and be available for questions and discussion with the audience on how your business can participate.

12:30pm - Preparing for HST/PST Transition – April 1
Presented by: British Columbia Ministry of Finance
The return to a PST and federal goods and services tax (GST) system in British Columbia is complex and requires careful planning, coordination and implementation throughout the various stages to help ensure an orderly, responsible transition. This session can help your business be up to date on current practices, legislation and technology changes in time for the April deadline.

1:30 pm - The Merits & Challenges of Sourcing Local
Speakers: Speakers: Eric Pateman – Edible Canada, Chef Chuck Currie – White Spot Restaurants, Chef Chris Whittaker - forage restaurant/The Listel Hotel
We have all heard of this foodservice trend, but how do you actually deliver? Join us for a round table discussion that presents a variety of stakeholder perspectives on sourcing local products for menu development. Learn how sourcing local ingredients can be achieved differently in independent, chain and hotel restaurants.

2:30 pm - State of the Industry
Speaker: Robert Carter, Executive Director of Foodservice at the NPD Group
This state of the foodservice industry in Canada report will include industry updates and forecasts to 2016 using proprietary cohort projections.  NPD projects how population shifts and trend momentum will affect the future of foodservice.

3:30pm - Managing Food Waste Differently: Ins and Outs
Presented by Metro Vancouver - Booth 508

Food waste will be banned from the garbage by 2015 across Metro Vancouver. It’s never too soon to prepare: find out about the ban and get practical advice from restaurant operators that are already keeping food waste out of the garbage. What works, what doesn’t and what it all means for your business. Panel discussion and Q&A.

4:15pm - Chef Competition Finals



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