National Food Safety Training Program (NFSTP)

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CRFA developed the National Food Safety Training Program in response to a growing demand for food safety training that meets the needs of foodservice operators from coast-to-coast.

Designed to train and certify quick-service, full-service, chain and independent operators and employees to a national standard of food safety, NFSTP was launched in 2004. NFSTP is now available across Canada through a network of certified trainers.


What food safety topics does NFSTP cover?

Based on the content of CRFA’s Food Safety Code of Practice, NFSTP is a comprehensive review of food safety issues and safe food handling practices, including:


How long does it take to complete NFSTP training?

Consisting of six teaching modules, NFSTP is designed to be taught as an eight hour course. To ensure that the information is covered comprehensively and to allow time for the NFSTP examination, most instructors teach the course over two or more days.


What is the cost of NFSTP training?

One of CRFA’s objectives in developing the NFSTP curriculum was to ensure that food safety training would be affordable and accessible to foodservice operators and workers across Canada. Consequently, all efforts have been made to keep certification costs to a minimum.

The cost of materials for training is $32.75 per participant (plus GST). This fee includes a copy of the Food Safety Code of Practice as well as an NFSTP examination and a wallet card for successful participants. Trainers may add additional fees to cover the cost of administering the program, renting presentation space or providing additional training materials.


When and where are upcoming NFSTP training sessions?

For a regularly updated list of NFSTP training sessions across Canada, click here.

To see a list of certified NFSTP trainers near you, click here.


How can I become a certified NFSTP trainer?

In order to become a certified trainer, you must complete an NFSTP train-the-trainer program. This two-day session is designed to help develop the training skills needed to effectively deliver NFSTP. Please note that prior knowledge of food safety issues is a prerequisite for attending train-the-trainer sessions.

Click here for more information about course curriculum and how to register for train-the-trainer sessions.