Quebec’s minimum wage to rise next May

(Dec. 19/12) Just in time for Christmas, Quebec announced its minimum wage will increase again on May 1, 2013. The general minimum wage will jump 25 cents to $10.15/hour, and tipped minimum wage rises 20 cents to $8.75/hour.

CRFA is pleased that government continues to widen the differential between general and tipped wages, in recognition of the significance of tipped earnings by wait staff.  Nevertheless, this new cost is a lot for restaurateurs to absorb on top of the recently announced retroactive liquor tax increase.

CRFA will discuss the impact of steep minimum wage increases with Minister of Labour Agnès Maltais. We will highlight that 40 per cent of our employees are young people and that we are the number one source of first jobs. Therefore, government should work with us – not against us – to create jobs and encourage investment in our youth.

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