Act now - Speak up about credit and debit cards

(Jul. 28/11) How well is the credit and debit card Code of Conduct working for you?

The Code of Conduct
As restaurateurs have voiced concerns about the skyrocketing costs of accepting credit cards, CRFA has aggressively lobbied the government for more fairness in the Canadian payment system. In response to our efforts, the government introduced a voluntary Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry in Canada.

The Code of Conduct stopped Visa and MasterCard from introducing new, high-cost debit products like they did in the United States. It also required banks, processors and credit card companies to:

These and other rules have given merchants new rights to help manage credit and debit costs.

Tell us what you think

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CRFA action
CRFA’s lobbying efforts have also resulted in:

Next steps
The Taskforce on the Payment System Review will provide recommendations to the Minister of Finance on the type of regulations required in the payment industry. Although they have identified rising merchant costs as a problem, they need more information to build their case. If you would like to provide details on your credit and debit costs since 2007, contact Justin Taylor, CRFA’s Vice President Labour and Supply, at