Fair treatment for Ontario licensees … it’s time!

(Sep. 11/09) As part of Ontario’s sales tax harmonization set to begin in July 2010, the province is reviewing all of the taxes currently applied to beverage alcohol.  It’s essential that Premier McGuinty understands how the current system penalizes licensees – and it’s time that licensed operators received the fair treatment they deserve. 

What CRFA is doing for you

In the coming weeks, CRFA will be meeting with key government contacts to ensure that licensee concerns are heard.  To help us carry your voice to Queens Park, we ask that you complete our industry petition calling for no new mark-ups, the introduction of wholesale pricing and the elimination of the environmental levy. 

Why it’s time for action on beverage alcohol

The Ontario government may seek to recover this 2% through the addition of new levies or mark-ups – a move that would be revenue-neutral for government, but devastating for licensed operators whose negative profits will make higher menu prices an inevitability.