Cheaper Cheese: A win for CRFA members!

Thanks to over a decade of lobbying by CRFA members, Canadian restaurateurs will soon be able to buy Canadian mozzarella cheese for use on pizzas at a special discount. CRFA has negotiated this new cheese price to help offset the discount that frozen pizza manufacturers have enjoyed for many years. 

CRFA has been the only business association fighting for fair dairy prices for restaurant owners – this is a great first step!

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How can CRFA help?
Here's what CRFA Member Andy Brunelle of Pizza Dee's in Wasaga Beach, Ontario had to say:

"I found CRFA to be very helpful with excellent service in support of our registration with the CDC. Member services even helped us with how to go about the online registration process, which wasn't something we were too familiar with. Anything that helps me save money has to be very good if not excellent. As a result of the information provided by CRFA and the specifics of the program, we made a slight adjustment in the type of mozza we use, and now save even more money when you consider the price of the product we now use, and the 3(d) discount available."


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Here’s what you need to know

  • The mozzarella cheese discount is exclusively for restaurant operators
  • It applies to mozzarella cheese purchased in block, diced or shredded
  • The new category of cheese is scheduled to start June 1st
  • The savings will be 5-10% – the exact amount depends on the exact mozzarella composition and costs to processors and distributors for administering the program.
  • You must register with the Canadian Dairy Commission to receive the special discount, known as 3D cheese. Register online at
  • CRFA Members: Sign up here to get regular updates on developments with the CDC, processors and distributors of 3d cheese.
  • The special discount is currently a 15 month pilot program and CRFA will need the support of all restaurants that prepare pizza to ensure this discount continues.